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NFTs are silent.
Give your NFT a voice

Community first project, aiming to save NFTs by giving them a
Voice, backed by Saviours .

Own your
Talken Voice DNA

Own a unique voice NFT.

AI Serums

You know this part.

Give your NFT
a Voice

Save your
friend NFT

What is a talken?

A unique Voice DNA encapsulated in
an AI NFT, capable of making your NFT Talk.

10 000

Unique AI Voices

Own a unique AI Voice.

10 000

3D Artworks

Beautiful Artificial Intelligence.

Powered by

Artificial Intelligence

AI encapsulated in each Serum.

Driven by


Collect it and use it.

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Powerful AI inside

10 000 Synthetic DNAs
We innovate with 10 000 synthetic Humans voices.
Crossmodal integration
AI made for every human.

First experiment:
Giving Voice to bored Apes

How it works   

Is your NFT worth saving?
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Own a unique AI NFT

10 000 Unique Voice AI NFT

The Metaverse will be populated by billions of people, created the first 10 000 voices for them.

Give life with your AI

Generate AI Serums

Bring your NFT to life with a generic voice

What’s an AI Serum?

Bring any NFT to life

AI inside

Collectible AI x Art NFT

Works with:


Want your NFT project to be integrated?


are we
dreaming big enough?

About Humans AI

Be a super-human by
controlling the AI is creating a scalable blockchain providing the economy of the heart driven AI, placing the humans at the facefront of the AI evolution.

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